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Organizational Design

The relationships among components of an organization are more important than the components themselves.

IDE Corp. takes a systems-theory approach to organizational design. Borrowing from John Kotter’s metaphor on change, imagine if everything in your office or classroom was chained together. One might think that it would be difficult to change or move anything. If, however, you consider that one component could be used as leverage for another, you have a different story. If you want to move the chair, just move the desk; if you want to move the planter, move the file cabinet. One structure can be leveraged to improve organizational design.

For example, if teachers are independently employing powerful techniques for building student achievement, a well-structured Professional Learning Community promotes collaboration, allowing all teachers to benefit from the knowledge of others. A career academy structure allows disengaged students to focus on a post-graduation goal. IDE Corp. can help you with rethinking your organizational design to promote student achievement.